Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Babies and Surprises

We have new babies here at HDF!  Maggie thought it would be a good idea to drive me nuts! This event also ties into another surprise, my dad's party! Friday evening, Delbert and I boarded the train and headed for Illinois. So, now that I can talk about it, lol, it's time for a blog post!
So, Friday Delb and I were busy getting last minute things ready for the trip. When I went out to do chores, I noticed Maggie seemed a little off. She didn't attack her breakfast, so I went in to check on her. She had no ligaments, so I went back in to give her some time. We continued to get things around, and I made several more trips out to check on her. I had just about convinced myself that she was just repositioning the kids, so we decided to make a quick trip to town. When we got back, I went to check on Maggie. There were two beautiful little kids! This is Maggie's third kidding, and the second that she kidded while I was gone to town!
So, I didn't have much time to dote over the new babies. I quickly made adjustments to the chore instructions, and we headed to Lamar. We went bowling and ate with his family. We left bowling and headed towards the train station but as we pulled out, we saw the crossing lights come on. Surely the train isn't that early! Oh yes it was! Well we thought it was. It was actually on time, but the tickets had the wrong time on them. We had two red lights between us and the train. We wheeled into the train station just as the guy was fixing to close the door. I jumped out and hollered to wait. Thankfully, they did, and we made our train only by the grace of the Good Lord above!
The trip to Illinois was uneventful, and my brother picked us up. We got ready, and headed to my dad's surprise 70th birthday party. We hid upstairs at the church and waited for them to show up. We snuck down, and needless to say, we surprised mom and dad! We had a great evening with family then later friends also. We spent the weekend back there with my family, and had a great time. Now it's back to the goats! We have two other does to kid between now and the end of the month. Sandy and Lily, our other two commercial Nubian crosses are due. They were both bred to Abe as well. I will be interested to see what color their kids come out as Maggie's were odd. Her buck kid is a light grayish brown with the sundgau pattern like Abe. Her doe is a light cream color. How you get cream from a brown mom and black dad us beyond me, lol. I added a picture of her kids... Guy and Dolly are the names they received while I was gone. :)