Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tough Decisions

Well, today wasn't the best day of the week for sure. Delbert and I made the decision to sell most of our unregistered stock. That meant all the Boer goats left. We also decided to sell Samson as he wasn't up to our standards for our dairy goats. Two of the goats that we took to the auction were in the group of the first goats we ever bought. Molly is an older Boer goat and Squirt came to us as a baby. It was really hard to see her go. One thing I did learn, I can't take goats to auction. Any future goats will be sold outright, or given away. I just can't do that to my kids!
So, we went from 46 goats down to 21. Three bucks (adga), 11 registered does, 4 unregistered does, and 3 unregistered doe kids. This will allow us to focus more on producing quality adga registered dairy goats. It was a tough decision, but I believe it was the right one. Hopefully I can get some good pics up soon!

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