Monday, January 30, 2012


I'm sure about everyone has had an "oops" breeding before. Today was mine... Stella had come back into heat, and even after my last "no more breedings" comment, I decided to go ahead with her. She was up on the fence doing all the things a lovely doe will do when she feels she needs a man in her life. So, I let her out and decided to give Rebel a go with her. Well, Stella apparently wasn't impressed with his small (read young) size and wouldn't stand for him for anything. I figured she wasn't in the mood. I took Rebel to put him back in the buck pen and out ran Abe (my Sable). He had lost his collar, and I hadn't put it back on him yet. He's smelly! Also a little bit flighty.. So, I went to grab his collar so I could catch him to put him back in. Stella ( who is a lovely Saanen and Victor daughter) wasn't ready to stand anyways, so I didn't just run after the collar. BAD IDEA! Why yes, she was ready to stand for a buck, I just had the wrong one first I guess! I had collar in hand, and turned to go get Abe and wouldn't ya know... that goofy doe just stood there happy as a clam for him. *Sigh* Goats! So, if she takes on this breeding, pray that her babies come out any color but white! We'll still love the white ones too, it's just easier to register if they come out looking like a Sable! Lol.
I guess it's back to my office work now! Such a beautiful day to be inside doing office work. Who needs Florida or California in winter.. it was 71 today! I had all the windows open... it was just lovely.

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