Monday, January 23, 2012

Patience and Flexibility

I think mine is missing! I am so anticipating this year's babies and getting out to show! I'm driving myself crazy, and seriously have "goat on the brain". That being said, I was able to breed a couple more does this week. Anything else that comes into heat from now on out, save one doe, will not be bred this year. It's just way too late in the year to be breeding does for my purposes! We should be left with 7 dry does for this year. Two Sables and five Saanens. One of the Saanens isn't a show doe, so not so big of a deal with her. One thing I have learned since expanding our herd... flexibility. You can plan for months, but those does aren't going to follow than plan! You can hold a meeting, try bribery, etc, it doesn't matter. Gotta love animals!
I'm trusting the 2012 breeding season will go much more smoothly. I am considering using CIDR's to get my girls to kid in a much more concise arrangement. This year we have does strung out for 3 months, with several weeks between some kiddings. Can you tell I'm bothered by this? Lol. I guess my lessons in patience and flexibility haven't been ingrained as much as I thought.

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